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What Are The Top Songs Of 2016?

What are 2016's Top Songs? It depends on who you ask, but over at Digg they compiled all of the 2016 music lists and narrowed it down to a Top 10. Here's a hint, there's a set of sisters in the top 5... Get the full list here. -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today
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Does Santa Travel Like Harry Potter?

Leave it to Reddit to try to solve one of the kid conundrums of Christmas: How does Santa get everwhere? Redditor Arumple made the observation that obvioulsy, Saint Nick uses Floo Powder to make his way between houses on Christmas Eve. Duh! "The whole 'Santa coming down the chimney' thing is...
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SPOILER ALERT: Entire Plot For Game Of Thrones Season 7 Leaked Online

A user on Reddit posted a huge list of spoilers for Game Of Thrones upcoming season. Anyone can post anything, so why were these considered legit? Fan sites began confirming certain things with on set photographs and reliable sources. POSSIBLE SPOILERS: The Redditor's account has been deleted, but...
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