Source Says 'Will & Grace' Will Return With 10 Episode Revival

This hasn't been confirmed by NBC, but a regular guest star on Will & Grace said there will be a 10-episode revival of the show this year! Leslie Jordan, who won an Emmy for playing Beverly Leslie on the show, mentioned the revival in an interview. The series would begin shooting in July...
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VIDEO: Best News Fails Of 2016

They say in TV don't work with animals or little kids ... or as one of my friends learned in this clip, live drawing games. And yes, she still gets made fun of for her cannon drawing but she made the Top News Bloopers of 2016 supercut and we are so proud! Watch for all of them: -Mike Draup Photo:...
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One NFL Team's Tickets Cost $1 But Fans Still Won't Buy Them

Most people would agree NFL tickets are expensive! But not in Cleveland. The Cleveland Browns were 0-12 going into Sunday's game. Mix in the Midwest's winter weather and people won't go to the game when it's practically free. Some tickets for the game were only a buck, but attendance was sparse...
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