Need A Roommate From Hell? Found One!

Oh my. She's more dreaded than the Freshman 15; meet the roommate from hell. Winnie is headed to UCLA this fall and so is her new roommate. This is an email she got from her and it's been seen all around the world. PS - They haven't met yet. Sleep with one eye open Winnie. My roommate that I haven'...
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Fans Rally To #SaveNelly By Streaming 'Hot In Herre'

TMZ reported that rapper Nelly owes about $2.5 million in taxes! Then a writer at SPIN magazine estimated that if fans streamed "Hot In Herre" 287 million times on Spotify, the debt would be paid off (.0084 cents at a time). The suggestion went viral and now fans are streaming Nelly's hits around...
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Two NFL Players Almost Missed The Game, But Were Saved By Uber

Pop quiz hot shot - you are an NFL starter, your team bus pulls out of the hotel and you aren't on it, what do you do? For two members of the Buffalo Bills, they called an Uber. Player Jerry Hughes posted this - Gameday baby%uD83D%uDE4C%uD83D%uDE4C%uD83D%uDE4C #uber A video posted by Jerry Hughes...
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