Is Calvin Harris' New Song About Taylor Swift? See The Lyrics

Calvin Harris released a new song Thursday called "One Way," and fans immediately speculated that it is about Taylor Swift. Calvin Harris playing Taylor swift at her own game with his new tune 😂😂 — Aidan O'Sullivan (@AidSully) September 16, 2016 "You were the one thing in my way," @...
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Justin Timberlake The Latest To Support Colin Kaepernick

Justin Timberlake is at the Toronto International Film Festival, and was asked about Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem protest. "It's a free country," Timberlake said. "And I think sometimes we have a way of using symbolism to judge people and when you get down to the matter of it, it's a free...
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VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Writes Nelly A Rap About Fiscal Responsibility

Whoa, Nelly! Talk show host Stephen Colbert was shocked to hear that rapper Nelly was so far in debt. According to estimates, it's over $2 million dollars he owes, but the internet has been rallying. In a campaign spearheaded by a crafty writer at Spin, fans have been streaming Nelly's hit "Hot in...
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VIDEO: Ellen & Michelle Obama Shop In CVS

Ellen has had a habit recently of taking celebs shopping just to see what would happen (Britney at the mall), so recently she took FLOTUS to CVS: -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today
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Fans Rally To #SaveNelly By Streaming 'Hot In Herre'

TMZ reported that rapper Nelly owes about $2.5 million in taxes! Then a writer at SPIN magazine estimated that if fans streamed "Hot In Herre" 287 million times on Spotify, the debt would be paid off (.0084 cents at a time). The suggestion went viral and now fans are streaming Nelly's hits around...
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VIDEO Drake And Rihanna Lay It On Thick At L.A. Show

Are Drake and Rihanna really this in love, or is this a well orchestrated plan to sell tickets? Watch as they perform together and then see what Drake said on stage. We love us some @Drake & @rihanna! #SummerSixteenTour — STAPLES Center (@STAPLESCenter) September 11,...
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