Mike Draup

What Happened When Justin Bieber's Credit Card Was Declined At Subway?

It has happened to all of us. Even if your credit or debit card is in good standing, it just won't work sometimes. It happened to Adele and President Obama recently. It happened to Justin Bieber at Subway this week. Luckily someone else in the restaurant offered to pay for his meal and Bieber...
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LeBron James Is Adorable Dad For Back To School

School started in Cleveland this week, and LeBron James posted on Facebook just like every other parent in America: LeBron's boys are going into 4th and 6th grade. Some pointed out the older son decided not to wear his own dad's shoes (instead wearing fellow Cleveland Cav Kyle Irving's shoes). Even...
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Meet The Woman Who Made History On 'American Ninja Warrior'

No woman had ever completed the first stage of the American Ninja Warrior Finals in Las Vegas ... until this week. Jessie Graff did it, and she made it look kind of easy! -Mike Draup
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Rihanna And Drake Are Officially Dating

They're tired of hiding it so Rihanna and Drake are going public, at least according to sources. Drake declared his love at the VMAs on Sunday, but it was vague enough that he could have meant as friends. "They are fully dating," according to the source. "No one really knows how long they have been...
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