Internet slang

Actor Kal Penn Trolls a Troll And Raises Thousands

Over the weekend Kal Penn (formerly a real White House staffer and Harlord & Kumar star) tweeted an Instagram comment that read in part - "you don't belong in this country you ----ing joke." Penn had plans for this alleged troll. "To the dude who said I don't belong in America, I started a...
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What Is The Most Loved Emoji?

You know when you want to say, "So Happy!" But you don't what to type out "So Happy!" Yup, that's when you use the 'grin' emoji. A new study shows the 'grin' emoji is the most loved emoji globally, followed by 'heart' and 'love.' Researchers from University of Michigan analyzed millions of messages...
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Breastfeeding Moms May Get Their Own Emoji

A nurse named Rachel Lee has asked Unicode, the creator of the emoji keyboard, to add a breastfeeding emoji. This is a great idea. When my wife was breastfeeding our son she was often on her phone texting and posting to social media, so I have no doubt it would get used a lot. Rachel's proposal...
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