Google Street View Takes Cow Privacy Very Seriously

Critics have claimed that Google Street View sometimes allows too much personal information to get out there. That includes license plates, house numbers, and children's faces, so now the algorithm blurs faces quickly. Which is how we get gems like this... Great to see Google takes cow privacy...
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Tupac Restaurant To Open On The 20th Anniversary Of His Death

Rapper Tupac was just 25 years old when died in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas. His unsolved murder still has conspiracy theories: Did a rival rapper set it up? Is he living on an island somewhere releasing music? The Powamekka Cafe, which takes its name and menu items from sketches he once...
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The History Of Exercise - Ron Swanson Style

This video might have you cleaning out your closet and tossing some of that old workout equiptment. Alongside comedian Megan Mullally (his wife IRL) and First Lady Michelle Obama, Nick Offerman ( aka - Ron Swanson) runs through the many fitness trends that the have cycled through during the past 6...
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Where Did Oprah Go?

Oprah Winfrey lost some weight recently and it shows. While attending the premiere of OWN's new original drama series "Queen Sugar," she looked thin. Her motivation? Her man-friend Steadman "I would like him to pick me up and carry me to the pool," she joked to People magazine. "I've lost enough...
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