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Meet The Chicago Cub Who Gladly Signed Autographs Outside His Home

Fame allows you to get away with being a jerk sometimes, so it's nice to see when someone doesn't take advantage of that. Ben Zobrist, who won a World Series ring this year with the Cubs and last year with the Kansas City Royals, gladly signed autographs for fans outside of his house. I live by Ben...
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The Other Reason Cubs Fans Are Doing Jager Shots Today

Ninety-year-old Chicago Cubs fan Dorothy Farrell had the time of her life at The World Series, and one thing she told everyone, when the Cubs win, you take a shot of Jäger. Needless to say, fans everywhere have taken her advice and are posting their celebrity shots in honor of Dorothy today. .@Cubs...
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2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Predicted In This 1993 Yearbook

Now this is impressive. A guy who graduated from high school in 1993 accurately predicted the Cubs would be in the World Series this year. The post has been confirmed in multiple copies of the yearbook, so it doesn't seem like this is a Photoshop hoax! -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today
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