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Johnny Depp Spent $3 Million On A Cannon?

Johnny Depp says his mangers stole millions, while his managers basically say ... he has no idea what things cost. Depp spent more than $3 million on a cannon to blast Hunter S. Thompson's ashes over Aspen, he blew $30,000 a month on expensive wines, and apparently just wasted much of the rest of...
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Amber Heard Might Not Get Paid By Johnny Depp After All

Amber Heard has been an activist for women in abusive relationships since splitting with actor Johnny Depp, whom she says physically abused her. But she has made some comments on the issue that could get her in trouble with her $6.8 million divorce settlement. She repeatedly refers to herself as a...
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Johnny Depp Added To Cast Of Next 'Harry Potter' Sequel

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them opens in theaters November 18th, and Johnny Depp will be in the latest movie in the Harry Potter world. Johnny will just have a cameo in this film, but a bigger role in next year's sequel. -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today
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