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How these Thanksgiving foods can fly with you

If you’re flying for Thanksgiving this year and planning to take your favorite food for dinner, you may want to check this guidance from the Transportation Security Administration before packing.
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Disney Pledges $5 Million to Support Social Justice Organizations

The Walt Disney Co. announced they are donating $5 million to nonprofit organizations that support social justice advancements, including $2 million to the NAACP.
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Word To Your Mother

Word To Your Mother Favorite Entries!

Here are Charlie's favorite entries from our Word To Your Mother contest, and our winning entry!
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As we all know, companies are having to completely change the way they do business. Many are struggling to find a way to manage expanded IT needs and looking for solutions and resources to help them navigate this new landscape.
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Charlie All Music Workday

The All Music Workday is - ALL MUSIC!

Did you know that Charlie plays nothing but music every weekday from 9am to Noon? It's TRUE! Not only that, now we do it EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK - yes, even weekends! Rock out on the regular thanks to Harris Velázquez Gibbens Attorneys at Law , and if your boss asks, Charlie said it was okay.
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