Coronavirus Special Features

Who You Need to Tell If You Get Diagnosed With Coronavirus

As more and more people are grappling with the effects of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, figuring out exactly who needs to know comes with its own set of complexities.
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How Long Can Coronavirus Survive on Your Shoes?

While it is of the utmost importance to remain vigilant about washing your hands amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also important not to forget about another possible breeding ground for the virus – your shoes.
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Coronavirus: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

The novel coronavirus could threaten small businesses unprepared for shortfalls in supply chains and interruptions in consumer demand. Here’s what business owners need to know about how to survive the pandemic.
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COVID Cases Are on the Rise — Look Out for These Less Commonly Reported Symptoms

While coronavirus has spread unpredictably throughout the world in 2020, reports of new, less common symptoms are adding to the confusion. These are some lesser known COVID-19 symptoms to look out for.
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Which Industries Have Been Hit Hardest by Coronavirus?

The coronavirus global pandemic is an economic crisis in addition to a health emergency, with industries like air travel, restaurants, professional sports, and technology primed to lose billions of dollars.
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