Which Superhero Is The BEST Superhero?

June 13, 2016
Yes, this is what we are doing instead of finding that cure for cancer...

A seven year long study just wrapped up declaring what superhero is the best, scientifically speaking of course. The University of Leicester ranked everyone from Superman to The Flash on their "probability of being able to win a fight". 

According to the study, Superman is the “best-equipped” because he has a “Super Flare” attack and high density muscle tissue.

Wolverine, Thor and Mystique are also high on the list because of “accelerated regenerative abilities, high energy output and being capable of gene manipulation.”

But the most the most destructive superhero is the Black Bolt, whose high energy output is “capable of resulting in planetary annihilation.” 

BTW - Batman was the least likely to succeed in winning a fight because he doesn't have super powers, he only has gadgets and a cape.

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today