Someone Figured Out How Long Would It Take Zombies To Overrun A City

November 7, 2016
Someone has been watching too much of The Walking Dead.

Using a computer model that helps predict the spread of diseases like Ebola, AIDS and Zika, the Argonne National Laboratory has determined a zombie virus could spread through a city like Chicago FAST. I mean really, really fast, turning some 2 million people into zombies in just 60 days.

The Chicago Tribune reports that's the worst-case scenario. All humans were "zombified" within 60 days, with about 500,000 zombies killed before that time.

In the cheeky study, researchers say humans would fare better if groups were trained to kill zombies or if officials told residents how to keep zombies away (obvioulsy).

In the real world, they sumize that this fun zombie study could also help researchers in "finding interventions that result in better outcomes, or even optimal outcomes," for real diseases. Too bad it didn't help Glenn.

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today