Word To Your Mother Favorite Entries!

May 11, 2020
Word To Your Mother

Thanks to all of our listeners for participating in the Word To Your Mother contest to recognize all your mothers this mother's day! We asked you all to tell us why your mother is special in 10 words or less. Here are our favorite entries, and our winning entry!

Special thanks to Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spas for helping us make this happen.

Winning entry: "Kind unconditional loving single mother. Retired teacher and cancer survivor."

Some of our favorite entries:

  • "Always been my rock when I needed help."
  • "5 months ago found my mom after 52 years."
  • "The kindest person I know and my best friend."
  • "She raised 7 kids in the most loving way possible."
  • "Instilled love, care, and compassion in all her kids."
  • "She is loving, caring, hard worker, takes care of others."
  • "She loves fiercely, has a generous heart & takes no crap."
  • "My mom is the blueprint for moms, follow directions."
  • "She Gracefully Bends like a Willow Tree in Strong Winds."
  • "She has always been there for me and loved me."
  • "Caring and comforting, warm and loving . . . always amazing!"