Melissa Etheridge Releases Emotional Song For Orlando Victims

June 16, 2016

Singer Melissa Etheridge released a song on Wednesday honoring those killed in the mass shooting in Orlando last weekend. The song is called "Pulse," named after the club where the massacare took place.

Melissa told Rolling Stone, “I’m dealing with it the way I deal, which is, I wrote a song. That’s how I first started to cope because, as a singer songwriter, I feel very… I’ve done this before. I feel called to speak; to do what musicians do. We’ve been the town criers for hundreds of years. We’re mirrors of society. We want to try to make sense. We want to try to heal. We want to bring some meaning, some purpose. We also want to put it down forever in history. That’s how I’m coping.”

You can hear the heartbreaking lyrics below:

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today