Charlie Sheen Gets More Honest Than Ever In New Video

June 14, 2016

This...I totally get. 

 Charlie Sheen's announcement of his HIV diagnosis led to a lot of people getting tested and now he's moving on to become a condom spokesperson. 

London-based Lelo has Sheen getting real in an ad about his feeling on condoms being "no fun". He says, "I pretty much felt the same way. That's stuff for other people," before adding that his failure to use a condom resulted in contracting HIV.

Charlie Sheen's video is very direct. "There's an odd combination now, you know, people still want to be like me, or experience my life, but there's a little detail that they want no part of, so they can avoid that, um, by using this."

The special condom is not available yet. Lelo is crowdfunding in order to launch the Hex. 

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today