You Can Now Get Your Caffeine in Gummy Bear Form

Gummy coffee, just like we've always wanted

April 23, 2019

Gummy bears: A perfect, classic candy, primarily the domain of children. But in recent years candy makers have pumped out a series of “grown-up” gummy bears that take advantage of the strong pull of nostalgia that makes so many adults want to relive their carefree youth while still indulging in some of the better perks of adulthood.  

And few companies have done that better than Sugarfina. The worldwide chain is famous for its kitschy candies and none have been kitschier than its set of cocktail candies.  Flavors like Casamigos Tequila and Corona Light have taken on viral proportions and classics like their rosé and Moscow mule bears sold out when they were first released.

But while all those might be named for boozy beverages, none of them actually contain alcohol. If you want those you’ll have to make them yourself.

Sugarfina’s newest creation though does offer one of our favorite vices in gummy form. The candy maker is out with coffee-infused, caffeinated gummy bears in three different flavors: classic cold brew, vanilla latte and bourbon cold brew bears (made with bourbon, but again, retaining no alcohol). All three flavors of the coffee bears, created in partnership with Los Angeles-based Alfred Coffee should give gummy fans a nice afternoon pick me up.

“We’re so excited to partner with our L.A. neighbor to create the world’s first-ever coffee-infused gummy bears,” said Sugarfina co-founder and CEO Rosie O’Neill. And if the response to all of Sugarfina’s cocktail series is any indication, other people will be excited too.

The caffeinated firsts will be available at both Sugarfina and Alfred stores as well as on both of their websites.