Catch Up With Our Favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters As ‘El Camino’ Arrives

‘El Camino’ has us thinking back and wondering where they are now

October 11, 2019

El Camino has officially arrived. The Breaking Bad sequel is now streaming on Netflix, and as soon as we bust out of this office we’re going home to watch it. We can’t wait to learn what happens next for Jesse Pinkman, but the whole thing has gotten us emotional about other members of the cast.

Some stars used Breaking Bad as a springboard to more amazing things, with Bryan Cranston once again elevating his impressive career in several films, Dean Norris starring in Under The Dome, and Bob Odenkirk of course branching off and taking a few favorites with him for Better Call Saul.

We’ve watched the top-line names flourish after being a part of one of the greatest show in television history, but what about our other favorite characters that surrounded Heisenberg in his five season run? Many of them popped up at the El Camino premiere, and have been very busy since Walter White went away.

Warning, some spoilers from the original series ahead