Andy Cohen Recalls Look of 'Horror' on Sarah Jessica Parker's Face at His 'Sex and the City' Audition

July 23, 2020

Andy Cohen once dreamt of landing a speaking role in the iconic series “Sex and the City,”

But in a town where it’s all about “who you know,” the Bravo host revealed that even his best friend and star of the series, Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw, couldn’t make it happen.

In a clip from Quibi’s “The Andy Cohen Diaries,” the TV personality explained that despite his desire to appear in the HBO series, his acting wasn’t up to par.

"Years ago, I used to beg Sarah Jessica to let me run 'Sex and the City' lines with her," the 52-year-old noted.

"I'd even finagled an audition for a party planner role on 'Sex and the City,'" he said explaining that when he finally landed an audition, he completely blew it.

"I'll never forget the looks of horror on Sarah Jessica and Hickey's faces when I tried to act out a scene for them," he explained, adding, "I didn't get the part."

But that wasn’t the end of Cohen’s acting career as fans will recall he eventually appeared in two episodes of the series.

"I did play shirtless guy next to Carrie in gay bar in season 4 and Barneys shoe salesman in season 6,” he admitted.

In 2018, Cohen addressed the scene in the gay bar that many fans have overlooked explaining that the shot was “cut out of the TV version and now only lives on DVD & Amazon.”

Thankfully, the bad audition didn’t ruin Andy and Sarah’s friendship.

The two have become inseparable with the actress throwing Andy’s East Coast baby shower and presenting him with a GLAAD Award. The Vito Russo award recoginzed an open LGBTQ member of the media, who has advanced acceptance for the LGBTQ community.

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