'Drunk Shakespeare' Is Coming To Chicago

Rip a couple of shots and attempt to perform Shakespeare is the name of the game.

April 25, 2019

WXRT - There's been plenty of variations of Shakespeare performances throughout the years, but this one will likely be the first of its kind.

"Drunk Shakespeare" offers a unique take on Shakespearean classics by making one actor down "at least 5 shots of whiskey" before going on stage to perform. The other four actors on stage are completely sober and try to keep the play from going too off the rails. Co-creator and producer Scott Griffin told the Chicago Tribune the drunk actor "can make requests and demand for things to be performed better.”

The performance has been in New York City, but will be opening in Chicago on May 2nd. You'll have to do a bit of searching to find the venue of the performance. "Drunk Shakespeare" takes place at the Lion Theatre whose listed address is 182 N. Wabash Avenue in the Loop. The front is designed as a locksmith's shop, but you'll have to venture in to find the theater in the back.

Their website describes "Drunk Shakespeare" as follows, 

"The stage is set in a hidden library with over fifteen thousand books. Five classically-trained actors meet as members of "The Drunk Shakespeare Society". One of them has at least 5 shots of whiskey and then they overconfidently attempt to perform a major role in a Shakespearean play. Hilarity and mayhem ensues while the four sober actors try and keep the script on track. Every show is different depending on who is drinking... and what they're drinking!"

Since the performances involve booze, you must be 21+ in order to attend. Tickets are on sale now